I saw it in the Oprah’s show….

You received that mail asking you to follow a link using those words “I saw it in the Oprah’s show….”?

First, I want to tell you that it doesn’t come from me. They use my mail address to send hundreds of mail everyday. How I know this? Simply because I receive hundreds of “failure notification” from delivery system everyday. My computers are not infected, and none of my contacts received such spam. It seem that the word “lifestyle” which is composing my company name is very attractive to those hackers/spammers.

So if you received such an e-mail, please, don’t click on the link they are proposing, or even worst, filling their information forms on their website. IT’S A FRAUD!!!

If you read this post, that’s because your instinct was good. Before clicking on any link that is been offer to you, you should always look first from who it is coming from. I’m a lifestyle photographer, not someone interested in your billing information.

I’m sure that you fully understand that I have no choice than to say that “Lifestyle images” take no responsibility in those actions done on his behalf. Those “attempting to fraud” doesn’t come from us. We do feel sorry, but unfortunately, there is not much we can do then informing you to not follow their instructions.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

Dominique De Mari (photographer/owner)