Hélène et Alfred

Il y a de ces couples sympathique pour qui travailler est un réel plaisir. Hélène et Alfred font partie de cette catégorie.

Nous somme aujourd’hui le 2 mai, et je dois l’avouer, j’ai hâte que la chaleur arrive. Mais qu’à cela ne tienne, je met aujourd’hui ce mariage d’hiver en ligne. 😉

Hélène et Alfred ont cette chimie que moi et ma douce avons nous même, c’est-à-dire un joyeux mélange de folie et de sérieux. Travailler avec eux n’est pas seulement un plaisir, mais c’est une joie assuré quand on y mélange toutes ces discussions qui vont tout azimut.

Ce mariage Maronite catholique égyptien fût célébré à St-Eustache. À la sortie de l’église, la mariée et ses dames d’honneurs ont eu le courage de poser sans manteau, qui je dois le dire, était très brave de leur part. Après quelques moments de poses et de plaisir assumé, notre couple et la table d’honneur ont décidé d’aller se réchauffer en prenant un café bien mérité chez Tim Hortons. La suite s’est déroulé en danse avec de la musique traditionnelle et de la danse de baladi.

Merci à vous deux, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à travailler pour vous. 😉


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My first Indian wedding

It’s been a while since I posted something on my blog, I will work on being more regular. 😉

I worked a lot these last years, didn’t posted all the weddings I did. Some nice weddings were kept on my hard drives, I think it’s time now to show them. (shame)  I choose to showcase one of my old wedding I did in 2008. Why this one? Well, I used to do lots of Italian weddings, Canadian, some Greek or Portuguese, but 80% were Italian or Canadian. When I was asked to do that Indian wedding, I was really thrilled. Why they choose me? Well, I was working as a sub-contractor at the time, when I met them at a Montreal bridal show, they told me they wanted something different, and they opted for me.

Because it was my first Indian wedding, Navneet and Ranjit gave me lots of tips and some documentation on what was going to happen. I talked to the guru (Sikh priest) on what I was allowed and wasn’t. They didn’t gave me limitation at all. I felt immediately welcomed, in the family, at the temple and at the party. My main job was the same that I do everywhere, I mean by that, observing what’s going on, and capturing all the moments.

Usually, it is a three day contract, but my presence wasn’t required for the henna. So I had to cover the wedding day, and the reception party the day after.

So the day started for me at 6 am with the bride getting ready session.


Then, I left to go to the groom getting ready session.

And we all left to go to the Sikh temple in ville LaSalle. A smaller replica of the Taj Mahal temple here in the great Montreal area.

First, the groom arrived at the temple, welcomed by the guest with music and dance. Each of the family members were presented and welcomed by the other family. Then, the groom had to negotiate his way into the temple with all the maids of honor. Once in the temple, we all went to have a breakfast together. After the ceremony who lasted almost four hours, we then went back to the lunch room for lunch, and wow, it was a real feast.

After the ceremony, we left for the couple session where all the bridal party followed for a fun photo session.

At 6 pm, we ended the first day, and I went home. For me, the day really didn’t end there. I had to sort out some pictures as I was requested to supply the with some picture for a slideshow. All were pleased with what they saw, and I was very pleased with what I heard lol When we’re working hard for people, hearing that everyone loved what they saw is very pleasing.

The day after, we met for another session in the Old Montreal. It was 4 pm, and we had 3 hours in front of us before going for the party.

It’s now 7 pm, we are leaving for the reception. So we left for Plaza Antique for all night up to 3 am.

I did a lot of weddings in my life, somewhere around 600, and Indian party’s are a blast. They are fun, colorful, lots of dance, food and discussion with guest. I really missed those two days.

Navneet and Ranjit, thanks for thrusting me, it was a week end I will never forget.



Wedding coverage price list for 2017


Here is the new 2017 price list. You will see that we add a new package, the 4 hour coverage. As many of you requested that amount of time, a 4 hour coverage will give you the basics for those who don’t want a huge coverage.


Price list 2017

New: $1450.00 4 hours coverage including all selected numeric files with color adjustments

$1850.00 6 hours coverage including all selected numeric files with color adjustments

$2450.00 9 hours coverage including all selected numeric files with color adjustments

$3000.00 12 hours coverage including all selected numeric files with color adjustments

$5125.00 with two photographer, 12 hours coverage including all selected numeric files with color adjustments and a 20 pages wedding album and an engagement session.

$375.00 engagement session (pre-wedding) *125.00 rebate with a 9 and 12 hours coverage

Trash the dress session:Starting at: $395.00
The TrashTheDress sessions are normally done after the wedding in an outdoor location.

Destination weddings
You would love to get married in a foreign country? Perfect, we enjoy travelling and we will love to go with you. You see? We are made for each other….. Hooray!!! (estimation on consultation only)

You want to know more about our different coverages for your wedding? Contact us!! We will love the sound of your voice we are sure. It will be a pleasure for us to give you more information. Call us. 514 750-7492